We made a commercial

Hi friends! We have been secretly working with By The Stream Media for the last couple of years filming and documenting our ranch. We are very excited to show you all of the wonderful content we have created, starting with our mini commercial. Check it out below!

Weaning Foals At Sterling Equine

It’s weaning time at Sterling Equine.   We are in the process of weaning our 2020 foals from their moms in order to take AQHA approved pictures and pull hair for DNA. We use this time to imprint on the foals and halter break. We get them used to humans, give them lots of love, […]

Going above and beyond with Genetic Panel Testing

UC Davis Veterinary Medicine

Despite the fact that the American Quarter Horse Association currently only requires stallions to be 5 panel tested, we at Sterling Equine genetic test all of the mares and stallions in our breeding program. Working closely with our vet, we make the health of every horse at Sterling Equine a priority. AQHA and UC Davis’s […]

How this 100 year old ranch became Sterling Equine

Hull Lantern Ranch | Sterling Equine

Let’s go back to the beginning. It all started in 1911 when George Hull bought a ranch, for his son, just outside of Sterling City, TX. He named it the Hull Ranch, bought cattle, and started building his legacy which eventually was passed along to George’s 4 daughters. Over the years the ranch earned the […]