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Weaning Foals At Sterling Equine

It’s weaning time at Sterling Equine.


We are in the process of weaning our 2020 foals from their moms in order to take AQHA approved pictures and pull hair for DNA. We use this time to imprint on the foals and halter break. We get them used to humans, give them lots of love, and get them ready to move to their new pasture before the new year.


This is always a fun time to bring customers and friends.


We love sharing these moments with our customers and friends, because who doesn’t love babies?

The foals are always at their sweetest during this time. They love to nuzzle you and beg for butt scratches. We believe this kind of socialization is extremely important when they are young. It teaches them that humans are not so scary, that they will be rewarded for good behavior, but it also teaches them to respect boundaries. This is vital information for a young horse to learn before they turn 2 years old and start their training.


We are looking forward to sharing our 2020 foals, once they are registered, with you all on social media.


Bryce Jenkins


Bryce can take horses from start to finish as well as tune up and further higher level training with rope horse prospects. His specialty is in training and competing on Team Roping horses and has trained many horses currently competing and winning in the PRCA arenas, as well as The American. From all types of roping, to barrels, and mounted shooting, Bryce knows how to quickly determine the specialty best suited for the individual horse.

Hilary Van Gerpen

of Van Gerpen Performance Horses (Barrels)

As a WPRA, multi year, Futurity, and Derby world champion rider and trainer, Hilary specializes in training and competing on Futurity and Derby colts to maximize their resumes and earnings (LTE). College competitors and barrel racing professionals alike, know and trust what training by Van Gerpen Performance Horses is worth.

Clay Logan


Specializing in AQHA Team Roping horses, Clay Logan is our go to trainer to build an AQHA resume. Clay’s accomplishments include over 10 AQHA World and Reserve Championships, over 16 World and Reserve APHA Championships, and is a trainer of several NFR Team Roping Horses. The value of a Clay Logan trained rope horse is undisputed.

Gary Wells

(Calf Roping)

Gary specializes in training and showing AQHA calf horses and has multiple AQHA World Calf Roping titles. He can take a calf horse from start to finish or help tune up and further training on a started rope horse.

Karen and Brice Manning


Choice barrel bloodline prospects are placed with the Mannings, often as 2 year olds. The Mannings are excellent at creating a foundation and determining aptitude of these young colts. Horses leave the Mannings ready to further their barrel horse training with a buyer or to stay with us and find success in the futurity arena.